Solar Power Installer

When you choose a career as a solar power installer, your main responsibility will be to make businesses and homes more environmentally friendly by adding an alternate source of power. Additionally, you will plan and set up the equipment that provides solar power to the building you are working on. Another important factor of your job is to work with your client to decide what type of solar devices are best for their situation, and where they should be placed. As a solar power installer you may be employed at large corporations such as power plants or other energy providers. However, with the drive for all businesses to become environmentally friendly rising, you may also find employment in small, private businesses, as well. Some of the job titles a solar power installer may have include:

  • Solar Panel Installer
  • Solar Energy Tech
  • Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Most companies that hire solar panel installers do not require any type of college degree, however you must have a high school diploma and experience in certain areas, such as, construction, electrical or mechanical. Additionally, if you have experience in the roofing industry, it is also helpful. However, if you would like to receive higher pay and a better position, you should obtain a two-year associates degree in any electrical field. These programs will give you a solid foundation to further build your knowledge in this field.

The average salary you can expect to earn as a solar panel installer will be dependent on factors such as, location, experience and education. The average salary for this career was between $33,000 to $50,000 dollars a year in 2010. However, in locations such as California, the pay-rate was substantially higher than the same position in New Jersey. Having a college degree will also raise the amount of money that you can make in this career field by approximately 30 percent.

The career outlook for this field is growing at a steady rate due to more and more businesses, as well as individuals, wanting to find more environmentally friendly ways to provide power to their buildings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are going to continue to increase substantially in the next decade. Additionally, with the increase in need for skilled workers, the salary of the solar power installer is also going to continue to increase at a steady rate.