Wind Turbine Fabricator

With the recent surge of growth in the green energy field, especially with wind power, many might be wanting to get into the field as a wind turbine fabricator. As someone who designs or builds wind turbines, it’s one of the more popular green jobs, with many openings emerging each day. The term ‘wind turbine fabricator’ actually encompasses several different roles into a broad category, but these can be simplified into two main ones. There is the field worker, who works on building the wind turbines on site. This job usually entails directing heavy equipment, calibrating the turbines, and can mean working at numerous sites on land and sea. The second role is the engineer, who focuses on designing the wind turbines for maximum efficiency and ensuring they are being produced correctly.

Good news for those who want to be a field worker is that no formal qualifications are necessary. Though an engineering or building background is a plus and will make it more likely for you to be hired, most of your training will occur on the job. This side of the job does require some dangerous activities like climbing up the turbine, and may involve some traveling. If you prefer to play it safe and become an engineer instead, you can design the turbine in an office. This doesn’t involve much traveling, but the criteria for this sort of worker is much higher, most of the time requiring a degree in engineering.

On average, if you get into wind turbine fabrication you will be making $36,000 a year, assuming you are a field worker. This can vary pretty wildly depending on what role you are in the wind turbine fabrication business however. The engineers who design the turbines tend to make more than a field worker, reflecting the higher education level necessary for the role.

The green energy field is growing all the time as we become more aware of environmental issues and more aware of the dwindling fossil fuel supply. Wind energy is the greatest growing source of green energy, resulting in numerous job opening cropping up all the time. Is this job growth as sustainable as the energy it’s providing? Only time will tell, but all signs suggest that being a wind turbine fabricator will pay off for years to come.