What Types of Jobs Are Available in Environmental Policy?

Environmental Policy Students enrolled in environmental programs and those considering enrolling should think about and look at the types of jobs available in environmental policy. This gives you some idea of what you might do with your degree and how much you might make. While some jobs only require a bachelor’s degree in science or a related field, other jobs may require a master’s or even a Ph.D, which will require that you spend more time in school.

Environmental Educator

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others and getting others interested in the environment, you might look at positions in education. These are some of the more common types of jobs available in environmental policy, but you’ll often find that you can work at a variety of different levels. In addition to teaching science to kids in elementary school or junior high, you may also find work as a high school teacher or a college professor. Some environmental groups and park systems also hire those with a college degree to lead environmental education programs that teach those in the community about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment.

Fundraising Expert

Nonprofit organizations succeed based on the donations those organizations solicit from the public and from money that comes from the state, local and federal government. As a fundraising expert, you can put your experience to work as you help those groups raise more money. You might lead walking tours of a nature preserve to raise money, encourage volunteers to participate in fundraising events and write grant proposals. Those who make the best fundraising workers are those who have strong time management skills and those who can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Policy Advocate

A policy advocate is someone who helps raise awareness to a certain subject. As an environmental policy advocate, you might work on bringing attention to the dangers of chemical toxins in the air or help implement a new recycling program in your community. Policy advocates typically work for nonprofit organizations, but you may find some jobs available working for the government. You must have strong communication skills and the ability to talk in front of others. Some jobs may also require that you have a creative side and can come up with ideas that will excite and interest others.

Environmental Technician

The types of jobs available in environmental policy include those who actually work in the field. Environmental technicians, also known as environmental science and protection technicians, are those who monitor different areas and check for signs of danger. They might look at pollution levels, check a public water supply or investigate claims of toxins. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these technicians make a median salary of $41,240 a year. The BLS also believes that this field will increase by 19% in the future, which is higher than the average rate of growth across all jobs. Other environmental positions will grow at a slower rate.

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The interest and passion that you have in protecting and preserving the environment can help you while working on your degree and when you look for jobs. This area includes a number of jobs that let you work in the field or in an office setting. The types of jobs available in environmental policy include technicians, fundraising experts, educators and advocates.