What Jobs are in Solar Energy?

One of the most common jobs in solar energy is field service technicians. They set up, install and repair solar array equipment and monitoring systems. They perform preventive maintenance activities on commercial solar energy systems. This includes troubleshooting, testing, repairing and monitoring equipment. Below introduces four common jobs in the field of solar energy for those with more training and experience.

Commercial Installer

A commercial installer handles the setting up of large solar energy grid systems. They provide support to crew supervisors of installation teams and communicate job status updates to management. They ensure the completion of installation activities for all solar array systems within assigned geographic regions. Depending on individual performance, site location and project needs, each installation may last a few weeks or sometimes a few months. Commercial installers oversee the material component pre-assembly process. This means they direct workers on the layout of arrays, assembly of mounting hardware and mechanical mounting of racking pieces. They document all steps of the installation and usually remain to oversee the job site cleanup. They may teach workers about installation methodology, safety guidelines and project workflows.

Energy Efficiency Manager

Energy efficiency managers are responsible for leading utility energy company’s efficiency programs for either residential or business lines. This includes researching and training others about technology selections, go-to-market strategies, structuring techniques and implementation tools. Their ultimate goal is to overcome market barriers opposing the adoption of energy management systems and practices. They support sales through acting as a technical expert within the company. They share strategic knowledge that drives growth and transformation for energy efficiency lines. They identify gaps in energy management, determine software needs, assess new technology and review program performance. They manage projects and deliver results and recommendations to clients or management. They design utility energy efficiency programs for pilot proposals. This includes delivery models, financial forecasts and energy savings budgets.

Licensed Electrician

Licensed electricians who work for utility, energy management or construction companies will provide leadership and technical expertise for installation crews, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They communicate the necessary job requirements to the operations management team to ensure the successful installation and operation of solar energy systems. They model safe work practices and ensure project quality. They maintain awareness of new regulatory standards and report on competitor program offerings. They focus on high potential emerging technologies and streamlining project management practices. They will need a valid state Journeyman Electricians License and a few years of relevant work experience. Most employers prefer candidates with North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification. They must be able to work in extreme environments, climb ladders and stairs and work on rooftops.

Renewable Energy Relationship Manager

Renewable energy relationship managers are deeply knowledgeable about energy wholesale markets for wind and solar programs. Their purpose is to grow networks of developers and partners. They maintain a solid understanding of pricing options, power purchase agreements, renewable energy projects and emerging technologies like as micro-grids. They maintain strong relationships with renewable energy developers. They provide assistance with project inclusion, validation and submissions processes that result in proposal requests. They use project management software to perform due diligence and ensure project viability and completion. They follow market trends, renewable energy developers and solar energy projects.

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Another one of the common jobs in solar energy is a business analyst who works closely with teams to analyze and prioritize projects and pricing.