What Is a Good Minor to Complement My Environmental Studies Major?

Enviornmental studies

Environmental studies can be a very noble career pursuit for a college undergraduate, but often times one will need a good minor to complement an environmental studies major. This minor will make him or her more valuable upon entry into the workplace. Many companies and other entities are initiating sustainability measures into their daily routines, while climate change and other topics continue to garner a great deal of media attention. That means there will be more attention paid to environmental issues in the coming decades with a need to effectively communicate and new business ventures will arise. A few minors which would complement an environmental studies major are communications, journalism or English, business, marketing and political science.

Need for Communication

Whether doing it at a corporate level or to provide important information to targeted public or as a form of mass communication, the need to communicate is prominent with environmental studies. Reports likely will need to be compiled which means having the ability to write and communicate effectively and likely produce multi-media presentations  standard parts of journalism, English and communications degrees. An environmental studies major who also can lay out and provide content for an organizational newsletter or other type of informational product is very marketable. New York University has The Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) and is one of the world’s oldest and most successful science journalism training programs.

Need for Business and Marketing

New businesses are being formed each year in relation to the environment. The demand for sustainability in the community is growing more and more. Many companies are switching their old ways to new eco-friendly procedures. In fact, many communities are requiring this by law now. Some universities have found this partnership between the environment and business to be so common that they are actually offering concentrations in such programs. Emory University has been offering this program to students who have the prospect of going into environmental management.

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Politics and the Environment

In the news today, it is hard to find a story about the environment that does not have a lead to politics. They seem to be linked in our current society. This link is going to continue to grow as our environment feels pressure from various outside forces. In fact, many universities require political science classes as part of the environmental studies majors. According to the University of Massachusetts, students must choose from at least two classes from the Environmental Policy and Land Use praxis before graduation.

Minors Make You More Marketable

Whatever minor you choose to take with an environmental studies major, you will be making yourself more marketable in a competitive job market. Any of the above minors, from communication to political science will help boost your major and put you in the front of other prospective applicants. Any of these minors would complement an environmental studies major.