What Degree Is Needed to Become a Smart House Designer?

Smart House Individuals with an eye for aesthetics and a good spatial reasoning might want to discover the degree needed to become a smart house designer. Home design includes a variety of career fields, but the building blocks of a comfortable, efficient home are handled by architects.

Becoming an Architect

Two different types of bachelor’s degree programs exist for architects. The four-year program prepares aspiring architects to become pre-professionals in the field. Professional architectural programs take five years to complete and prepare students to practice as professional architects. Students who choose a pre-professional bachelor’s degree will need to complete a master’s degree in architecture before becoming licensed as an architect. Information on schools of architecture can be found at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture website.

Working as an Architect

Architecture as a formal field of study in colleges and universities is fairly new. Architects have been getting degrees for just over one hundred years. Prior to that, those seeking a career in home and building design studied as apprentices to established architects.

Today, budding architects still study and work under established professionals. Prior to completing a master’s degree or professional program, an intern architect can work in home and building design under the supervision of a licensed architect. After receiving a license or working as a non-registered graduate for three to five years, you can become an architect/designer I. In this position, you will be responsible for parts of projects and work within limits set by senior architects. After six years of experience, you can become an architect/designer II, and with eight years of experience, you can become an architect/designer III. Each of these positions comes with more responsibility and increased project management.

After 10 years of experience in architecture, home designers are ready to become senior architects or project managers. All project managers and senior architects must be licensed. They report to partners within their architectural firm, and they manage a team in order to complete projects.

As you move up within an architectural firm, you can become a junior, mid-level or senior partner. Each of these positions includes additional responsibilities. Often senior partners are owners or founders of a firm.

Specialization in Home Design

Architecture is a broad field that includes the design of many different types of buildings as well as landscapes and other structures. After completing a professional degree in architecture, you can specialize in home design and related studies through the work you choose as well as by continuing your education. Specializations in eco-friendly or green architecture are particularly marketable today, and many individuals wishing to build their own homes actively search for architects with green building experience.

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Architecture is one aspect of home design. If you are interested in interior design, you’ll want to pursue a much different educational route. However, as long as people need places to live, both architects and interior designers will have plenty of work to keep them busy. To get started on your path toward becoming a designer, take some time to choose an academic program that suits you so you can get the degree needed to become a smart house designer.