What Degree Do I Get if I Want a Green Job?

Being trendy is often looked down as as trying to fit in and being a conformist, but the trend today is to be ‘green’ – to take steps towards an environmentally friendly future. This is perhaps the best trend to come around in a long time; the environment has suffered lately. From the hole in the ozone layer to the rapidly depleting populations of rare animals, earth is suffering. So you want to get a ‘green’ job, but aren’t sure what sort of degree you should pursue in order to get one. No worries. The truth is, there is no single degree to follow for a “Green” job. There are several fields that allow someone to pursue conservation fields and to make a difference, and some of them are very surprising. An article from Fast Company rates six degrees that can help out, and this article will discuss a few of those.

Human Ecology

One area a person could pursue is the field of human ecology. This field focuses on the relationships between humans and the natural world, whether that is animals or the environment. Even man made environments count. This degree focuses on how humans can better improve their stewardship of the world around them and cut down on things such as carbon emissions, wasteful water habits, and power usage.

Mechanical Engineering

Another degree is mechanical engineering. Surprised? Following a mechanical engineering degree puts you in a position to change the way the machines we use in our day to day lives work. This degree would enable you to design equipment that uses less electriciy, produces less smoke, and uses less gasoline. Protecting the ever dwindling natural resources that power our economy and lives are important, as there are no viable alternatives to turn to should we run out.

Environmental Studies

A third degree is environmental studies. This degree brings the effects humans have had on the environment in the last few centuries into frightening contrast, demonstrating exactly how dangerously close mankind is to destroying the world around itself through the misuse of resources. This degree would provide you with a better understanding of how to protect the environment and create sustainable lifestyles that help, not harm, nature.

Environmental Law

A final degree to consider is environmental law. This would make you a crusader against companies who mistreat the environment for their own gains, with little regard of what shape it leaves the world for future generations. Environmental law is a law degree, and can be benefited by having a minor focus in biology or ecology to better help you make your cases before a judge.

No matter what path you choose, there are many options for getting a ‘green’ job. The degrees listed above aren’t even all those that are available. More options can be found on websites like this green blog. Even without a traditional environmental degree, there are ways you can implement your own knowledge and other degrees towards making the world a greener place. The options are limitless. As the world becomes more aware of what condition the environment is in, more people are taking steps to correct the damage and living green lives. While you pursue an environmentally friendly job, consider taking shorter showers and turning off the lights. Every little bit helps.