What Careers are in Renewable Energy?

The careers in renewable energy include entry-level technical positions, such as wind turbine technicians, and senior managerial positions, such as environmental project administrators. The field of renewable energy is still developing, but job candidates should still have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Specific degree titles include clean technology, renewable energy engineering and renewable energy systems, according to the Department of Energy.

Energy Analyst

An energy analyst will be responsible for early investment screening and asset based financial modeling for potential projects. They will use their familiarity of renewable energy modeling to contribute to risk management and financial analyses activities. They issue project pipeline, draft screening and investment performance reports for senior management. They may be asked to create asset-based financial models for renewable energy projects related to wind and solar energy. Employers will expect job candidates to demonstrate strong writing, critical thinking and analysis capabilities.

They help manage assets of alternative energy projects and company investments. They will need experience drafting term sheets, letters of intent, closing documents and investment committee memos. Energy analysts are usually finance professionals who have work experience with tax equity, infrastructure finance, private partnerships and real estate finance. They will also need a basic understanding of renewable energy technology, Excel modeling and PowerPoint presentations.

Project Manager

A renewable energy project manager will use their inquisitive mind and enthusiastic personality to spearhead various energy development, installation and maintenance projects. They usually have a background in the energy industry with strong qualitative and quantitative skills. They usually work alongside engineers, technicians, statisticians and scientists. These project managers must be a jack-of-all trades because each project will be unique. This means that they must rapidly learn about the client and project in order to quickly recommend approach, evaluation and delivery methods.

They use their analytical and organizational skills to lead teams, scope research projects, review and collect data and create valuable deliverables. On each project, pick up skills and knowledge from new teams of experts who share their experience and help guide the work. They usually have experience with renewable energy program evaluation, statistics design, quantitative analysis and energy efficiency and systems modeling.

Renewable Energy Consultant

Renewable energy consultants may work on local, national and even global projects. They provide strategic, advisory, and operational support for renewable energy projects. They lead and support teams on resolving strategic energy issues and implementing legal agendas and private sector development. They provide strategic guidance, promote collaboration with other government agencies and offer knowledge products and operational instruments that support clients.

They may be assigned to a global project and will lead renewable energy business development projects in assigned regions. They will support foreign teams on various operations and direct operational work, such as policy dialogue, technician lending and on-site supervision. They develop strategic partnerships with organizations to expand available resources, locate private capital and outreach new sources of government subsidies. They may work on short-term projects advising clients on industry best practices in the energy sector. They build global knowledge by introducing success stories and lessons learned in other countries.

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The careers in renewable energy also include commercial solar operations manager. These renewable energy professionals will most likely have a background in construction, architecture or engineering.