What Are The Best “Green” Jobs For 2014?

Going “green” doesn’t just have to mean sorting your recyclables and buying organic. You can also steer your career towards green job. This is a fast growing segment of the workplace that could yield some interesting green career possibilities in 2014. Here are some of the best green jobs to apply for in the coming year.

Solar Panel Installer

As more homeowners are concerned about increased utility bills they will be turning viable alternatives like solar power. Home solar systems are becoming very affordable especially when you throw in government rebates and incentives. This is a job where you will benefit from one the job training. You can also earn a quick certificate to get you going. Keep in mind that you should like working outdoors and not have a problem with heights.

City Planner

More and more cities are looking for ways to go green in their development. Not only does this mean refurbishing existing structures but also building new communities. Colleges are taking the lead with eco-friendly planning and your skills could fit in nicely with a wide range of opportunities. You’ll probably need a Master’s degree in this field. It also holds the potential of allowing you to travel for a job to a new city.

Organic Farmer

Becoming an organic farmer doesn’t mean buying up acres and acres of land. There are many small urban farms which are finding niche selling to local restaurants. Start small and watch your farm grow. Best of all you probably don’t need a lot of higher education to dive in. You would be best served by becoming an apprentice to an existing farmer to learn the ropes and then start your own garden. It’s the kind of job you won’t mind bringing home!

Smart Home Designer

Much like our phones, out homes are going to get a lot smarter. This is all about energy efficiency and controlling a home’s systems by remote. Learning the skills as designer of these smart homes will put you in high demand in the coming years. You should look to earn a Bachelor’s degree in interior design and get certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Environmental Research Analyst

This is a job for someone who likes crunching numbers and researching data. With a focus on how climate impacts spending you could find yourself working in a field with a lot of job security. It’s also a high paying job that requires a bachelor’s degree. That work you do in this field could have a lasting effect for generations to come.

Eco Retro-fitter

Many homeowners and building owners will be looking for ways to comply with environmental regulations and guidelines. This means adapting current structures with just energy saving items as weather stripping, insulation and new windows. This would all fall under the category for eco retro-fitter. It’s a skilled trade’s job that would require training and certification across many specialties but it’s not as intensive as a Master’s degree program.

As you begin to consider the possibilities of a green career, know that it is an area with massive potential for growth. Although the politicians might be split on what to do about the environments, consumers are already leading the charge and demanding to live and work in green spaces. You can help them get there!