Is a Degree in Environmental Studies the Best Degree to Have for a Green Job?

Both individuals and companies are making an effort to go green either for the environmental advantages or the cost advantages. With the growing popularity of “going green”, more and more green jobs are being created. From environmental planning careers and biodiversity specialists to energy efficiency consultants and social scientists, there are several different green employment opportunities that make a positive impact. You may be wondering what type of degree that you should pursue if you are pursuing a green job. This is a practical question when you want to enter a field that is so young. Read on and find out if an Environmental Studies degree program is the best option based on the type of green career you are pursuing.

What Careers Will an Environmental Studies Program Prepare you For?

An Environmental Studies, which is also referred to as a Environmental Science degree, is designed to prepare individuals who are pursuing a science-related position or a position that requires a foundation of knowledge for policy making in the natural resources arena. To enter the field of Environmental Studies, most employers require that you have a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum, but you must be sure that this degree will qualify you for the right green job. Because this undergraduate level degree focuses on natural science, you should be focused on looking for either specialist or scientist positions if this is the degree program you would like to enroll in.

What Can You Expect to Learn In This Type of Program?

You will complete both traditional classwork, field work, and lab work when you are earning your BS in Environmental Studies or another Natural Sciences program. The entire focus of this type of degree program is to teach students how to identify environmental issues and how to resolve some of these issues. The program will cover a variety of different topics on the impact that the human species has on nature, environmental law, social issues, and conservationist ideology. Because this is an interdisciplinary field, as student you will learn the scientific methodology that must be used in the field while focusing on the ideals of conservation.

Is There a High Demand for Environmental Specialists?

Before you enroll in an accredited BS degree program, you should take time to research the field to see if the job outlook within the field is positive. With more and more organizations focusing on reducing their environmental impact and government agencies monitoring and researching ways to improve the health of the environment, outlook is good. In fact, the BLS predicts that the field will grow by 19 percent within a period of 10 years, making the need for qualified specialists and green scientists greater.

While an Environmental Studies degree will prepare you for positions where you will conduct research in the field and the lab, this degree is not appropriate for all green jobs. There are several newer degree programs being launched by schools for students who want a professional in sustainability and sustainable practices. Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability degrees, Ecogastronomy, Renewable Energy and Ecological Design, and others are designed to prepare students for analyst and consultant green careers. If you want to make aiming for a green future your future, browse the green degrees that are available and select the right one.