Building Trends in Today’s Green Homes

green building“Green” home-building is the concept of building homes with components that are renewable, good for the environment, energy saving, recycled, or otherwise “green.” As awareness has grown, so too has the industry’s movement towards green building practices. Builders are finding a more captive audience when home features are green.

New Green in 2013

As we enter the new year, 2013 is showing real promise in these green, home-building trends. Which green, home-building trends are expected to be hot this year? We review five eco-conscious features coming to a home near you.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a fantastic green building option. Here, the environment suffers no more loss beyond what it originally did with the original material harvest. In addition, these used, vintage timbers, columns, and the like add great value to the home. Subsequently, there is a great emerging market in reclaiming wood from old homes and making it available to the public. PR Newswire discusses many facets of the overall concept in a recent article.

Solar Roof Panels

Solar power is a direct benefit to the environment as well as the homeowner. The homeowner gleans the benefit of absolutely free energy from the sun’s rays while the environment suffers zero effects. Panels can be setup to supplement the home with electricity, or to produce more than is needed and actually provide sellable energy back to the grid. There are also many tax incentives, grants, and government incentives attached to this green home-building option.

Energy Star Windows

In the grand scheme of the window world, Energy Star windows are fairly new. As their name implies, these particular windows are government-rated as Energy Star products. The result: a much more energy-efficient window than even the newer, double-pane models. Sound transfer between outside and inside is also greatly reduced. Home values soar, heating and cooling expenditures drop, and people are much happier with the performance of Energy Star windows. For more detailed information, refer to the government website on the subject here.

Programmable Thermostats

In 2013, look for this to be the standard just about everywhere new homes are being built. The programmable thermostat follows a program so that heating and cooling activity takes into account time of day, times when no one is home, and more. Ultimately, this type of thermostat saves the environment much energy production and keeps your heating and cooling bills lower. In addition, your HVAC system works on a completely new level of efficiency, meaning less system wear-and-tear and more longevity.

Alternative Flooring

For years, the flooring industry has been limited to only a handful of “standard” flooring materials. Today, builders and manufacturing forces are together laying new standards in the industry with new types of flooring that are environmentally friendly and great for home insulation ratings and climate control efficiency. New homes and even remodels are now proudly showing off modern flooring of this sort including bamboo and marmoleum. Look for even more new and innovative kinds of flooring to come.

These are the trending, green home-building features of 2013. What’s next? We’re paying close attention, so stay tuned.